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FREED–MAN® neckties… coming soon

I’m journalling the progress of developing FREED–MAN®, my neckties label, at  Follow me as I share my creative process, inspiration and experience of developing men’s fashion in Sydney, 2013.  There’s no turning back now!

KENT & LIME Teaser

My client in Sydney, Nick Gonios, has recently released a fantastic teaser video introducing KENT & LIME, an exciting new concept in men’s style and service.  I can’t say much more at this point, but I’ll be sure to spill the beans when I can.

Creative Consultant: Barry Lorne Freedman

MAH Scarves Launch

My brave and talented client in Singapore, Ondina Montgommery, has just launched MAH with a collection of vibrant printed scarves titled QUAINTRELLE.  Each unique print is derived from a trademarked scientific imaging process  Click through to the MAH Shop to browse the range of styles.

Screenshot from

Creative Consultant: Barry Lorne Freedman

Mayor Moment


Baz-and-Lonnie teamed up with Mayor Albert van Zetten to launch Launceston’s new Travel and Information Centre.  Here we are sharing a special moment, pretending to chat about the new iPad app while we get pap’d by the photog at the Examiner.  Go Lonnie tech tourism!

More details here.

‘When Baz met Lonnie’, Zona Black

'When Baz met Lonnie', featured in The Examiner's Summer Edition of In The City.  Words by Zona Black; Photos by Barry Lorne Freedman for

Baz-and-Lonnie was featured in The Examiner‘s Summer Edition of In The City.  Zona ended the interview by asking me to describe Launceston in 3 words, which I couldn’t do!  Instead, I sent her some images of experiences in Lonnie that were most on my mind at the time.  I’m glad she used my photos; they really tell the story of beautiful Lonnie – better than I ever could in less than a sentence!

To get the scoop on the featured experiences, click through to my Baz-and-Lonnie reviews of Black Cow, Josef Chromy and Design Tasmania Centre.

Launceston tourism will never be the same

My Tassie project, Baz-and-Lonnie: The No-Nonsense Guide to Launceston, launched today!  It’s been months in the making, and I’m so glad to be sharing it with the world.  Click through to the site to discover why I love Lonnie and think it’s a top-notch Australian travel destination.

Creative Director: Barry Lorne Freedman


Styled by Akira Isogawa and Barry Lorne Freedman

Earlier in the year, I had the pleasure of working alongside Akira Isogawa on a shoot featuring a sampling of his work, ranging from Resort 11 to Spring/Summer 12.  Joining in on the fun were Renya Xydis on hair, Christian McCulloch on face and the stunning Lydia Willemina Collins on…, well, a chair!  The shoot was sunny, sexy and showcased the aesthetic mastery of Mr. Isogawa.  Pop into my portfolio to see the rest of the spread.

Screenshot from

Styled by Akira Isogawa and Barry Lorne Freedman

Photographed by Nicholas Samartis


Styled by Barry Lorne Freedman

I styled a really cool fashion shoot down at the construction site of Barangaroo for the Barangaroo Delivery Authority.  This exciting new urban renewal project has been pegged as ‘Australia’s landmark for the 21st century’.  To see more from the shoot, visit my portfolio.

Image from Photographed by Nicholas Samartis

Styled by Barry Lorne Freedman

Photographed by Nicholas Samartis

Hot off the press from Random House

Fodor’s Australia 21st Edition

Last year I was contacted by Fodor’s in New York and asked to contribute to their Australia travel guide.  Fast forward 12 months, and some of my favourite travel experiences of all time are recorded in the 21st edition of Fodor’s Australia.  To view a sample of the chapter I wrote, head over to my portfolio.

Copies can be purchased from Random House (Australia) and Fodor’s (international/USD).

Growing up obsessed with music videos has finally paid off

Styled by Barry Lorne Freedman

Check out Clarity’s music video, B’Like Ilse Crawford on Amanda Talbot’s SnOOP blog; it’s also in my portfolio.

Styled by Barry Lorne Freedman

Photographed by Michael Fardell

There’s nothing wrong with travelling in style

I worked as an editor on this fantastic project, in the OCT.NOV 2011 issue of GQ Australia.  To have a peak inside, visit my portfolio.

First Fleet

Styled by Barry Lorne Freedman

A Fleeting Glance, the cover feature of the launch issue of Supply, an Australian online lifestyle magazine.  View the rest of the spread in my portfolio.

UpdateA Fleeting Glance has morphed into The Fatal Shore at Lumière, with a different range of images.  Have at look in my portfolio to see the newly released images.

Screenshot from

Styled by Barry Lorne Freedman

Photographed by Nicholas Samartis

Snap snap

Photographed by Barry Lorne Freedman

Here are some of my favourite (untouched) images from recent research trips to Tasmania, including scenes from the MONA Pavilions and the Bay of Fires Lodge.  To see the rest of the set, check out my portfolio.

Photographed by Barry Lorne Freedman

‘Sometimes Mess is More’, Stephen Todd

Styled by Barry Lorne Freedman

This has been my most fun shoot to date.  The brief was: feast and opulence, aka BUNDA, GUCCI & Comme des Garçons!  Look through to my portfolio to see how it turned out.

Styled by Barry Lorne Freedman

Photographed by Murray Hilton

The Sydney Morning Herald popped in on us

Styled by Barry Lorne Freedman

Matt Buchanan and Scott Ellis

February 8, 2012

Styled by Barry Lorne Freedman

Sydney has my heart, but a sale flight to Melbourne is all the excuse I need for a visit

I wrote a feature about travel in Melbourne for Canadian publication, Guidemag, including a little sub-story on Melbourne’s men’s fashion scene.

For the Sydney feature that I wrote and photographed, check out my portfolio.

Pleats please

Dion Lee Spring/Summer 10/11

This is one of Dion Lee‘s amazing demi-couture designs, which I helped prepare during my internship at his studio in 2010/11.  A lot has changed since then; he’s just shown at London Fashion Week.  Go Dion!

The flag-ship has arrived

Styled by Barry Lorne Freedman

Georgina Safe

January 26, 2012

Styled by Barry Lorne Freedman

Photographed by Nicholas Samartis

Look mum, i’m on (web) TV


The Telegraph dropped in on the Barangaroo shoot and captured me working my magic on the beautiful Mira Kapshtyk.

Coming up with snappy copy was part of the job as an intern at GQ Australia

“‘Fashion fades, style is forever.’ – Yves Saint Laurent, 1936 – 2008.

Chic ’70s style returns to the forefront of men’s fashion this season as the design world reflects on the mastery of Saint Laurent. Monsieur’s iconic personal style is revisited in neutrals, setting the tone for elegant living.”

View the editorial in my portfolio.

Words by Barry Lorne Freedman

Photographed by David Bellemere

Styled by Wayne Gross

Winner (and runner-up)

Designs by Barry Lorne Freedman, Isabella Boutin & Shannon Carmody

Last year, I won the Business Award at Flair for swimwear designs from my final year at Sydney’s Fashion Design Studio.  It was a group entry with Isabella Boutin and Shannon Carmody.  The same designs also won Runner-up in the Swimwear category at Frock On.

Photographed by six 6 photography

Where it all started

iPhone screenshot

My first travel writing gig started during my final year of university with an internship at Bump!, a Canadian travel television program.  One thing led to another and I was subsequently commissioned to research and write Series 1 of Bump! Mobile, the smartphone-format companion guides to the TV series.

Now in it’s 6th season, Bump! is a travelling success.

Sometimes I work my magic… in front of the lens

Styled by Barry Lorne Freedman

This is a party flyer for Dirty that ran in the Sydney Star Observer in 2009.  For another project in the same series that I styled, have a look in my portfolio.

Styled by Barry Lorne Freedman

Photographed by Morgan Carpenter


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